phd student (current) - university of washington, human centered design and engineering

bachelor of science - texas a&m university, chemical engineering

minor - texas a&m university, chemistry

certificate - edx - university of michigan, user experience research and design

certificate - texas a&m university, business management

work experience

data visualization consultant - accenture federal services, seattle wa

senior data analyst - accenture federal services, washington dc

intern - us government, washington dc

intern - frito lay engineering/r&d, dallas tx

intern - eastman chemical, kingsport tn


data visualization


data analysis


adobe suite







social media analysis

technical comm.

project mgmt.

graphic design



research assistant, dr. kate starbird | university of washington | current

 - analysis of a recent disinformation campaign by a foreign government and how the information was presented and replicated on YouTube

 - data analysis on the recently released IRA data set shared by Twitter, focusing on how the IRA tried to cultivate relationships with US celebrities and crowdsourced elites to increase reach and credibility

directed research group,  led by ahmer arif | to | fall 2018

 - based on a combination of the principles of “participatory design” and "research through design". Students designed tools (e.g. digital systems, visual provocations, classroom activities) to help other students reflect on their social media usage and how that might intersect with phenomena like online misinformation and disinformation. To inform our brainstorming and design efforts, researchers reflected on their own social media data and maintained a record of their experiences as they ideated and tried out new things.

more | to |come

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Recent article about EmCOMP lab and work on disinformation at

University of Washignton 

dissecting disinformation

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Texas A&M University Engineering Building Groundbreaking Ceremony, representing SEC $1MM donation

tamu engineering groundbreaking

A First Glimpse through the Data Window onto the Internet Research Agency’s Twitter Operations. Medium Article.

twitter ira analysis

Misty Woodland

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Rescue GPS drop for large scale natural disasters in collaboration with Sandia National Labs

aggies invent: first responders